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to the tellers, i ask that you hold those ballots until electors cast their votes for the vice president.
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you may now sign all your vice- presidential ballots, after given to the tellers.
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collected? i would ask tellers proceed to counted the ballots, first for president, and then for vice president. upon the collection and accounting of the ballots, tellers will inform connie pillich and she will make the announcement. votes had been cast for barack obama for president and 18 votes have been cast for joe biden for vice president.
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>> results of the tally are 18 votes for barack obama for president and 18 votes for joe biden for vice president. the procedure electors are to proceed with. united states code requires electors shall sign six by them. votes for you to sign on the table at the front of the chamber. these are the official forwarded to the president of the united states senate, the archivist of the united states, and united states district court, certifying that you have
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fulfilled your duties in electing the president and vice president at this electoral college. be sure to sign all six copies. electors will now sign these certificates of votes according to the secretary's instructions.
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motion that they may be delivered into the keeping of the secretary of state, who will distribute them as required by law. is there a motion? >> i move that the signed certificates be delivered to the secretary for distribution as required by law. >> the motion has been offered. is there a second? >> all in favor signify by saying aye. opposed? the motion carries, and the secretary of state, who will deliver them by law. i would like to thank everyone for participating in this
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augusti would ask that the closing benediction be delivered. reverend? >> please stand. the lord bless you and keep you, the lord make his face shine one of you with favor, with god's peace. >> i move this meeting of the adjourned.
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>> is there a second? seconded. aye. opposed to the hearing no objection, i declare the meeting of the 53rd ohio electoral college be adjourned. >> today don fund discusses gun- control in light of the mass shooting of an elementary school. then more about gun-control with allison short. they will also talk about the house budget agenda and ways to avoid the fiscal cliff. -- allyson schwartz. + commodore of bills, phone calls, and tweets.
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"washington journal" live at 7:00 eastern on c-span. >> one of the things that did surprise me a little, i did not conduct a nationwide survey of gun owners, but among people with gun -- guns the guys start with is very different. owner realizes when he has a gun it is a huge responsibility. if you use the weapon irresponsible plea -- irresponsibly, you could cause yourself trouble off, death even to people that you did not intend to do harm to. it makes you very careful. or it should make you very careful.
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for most people it does. it would make people more careful if they all had to pass some kind of a test before they get a license. you did not always have to with a gun in many localities. >> craig whitney on the history of gun ownership and gun control in america. and from living with guns, a liberal pays for the second amendment. saturday night at 10:00 eastern. part of four days of non-fiction books and authors through christmas days. as the electoral college met monday, we spoke with a social studies teacher at pioneer high school in ann arbor, mich., about how she teaches the look for a process in use the c-span as a resource. >> tracie van newsom is a high
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school and social studies teacher. >> tracy is a high-school social studies and history teacher. fellow, and she is joining us on the phone. what is your approach? >> the electoral college is something that is definitely challenging to students. they have heard of it before, and fortunately i have been using the like doral college map. it shows who got the votes in 2008. it has the new census figures, so i explained it in my unit.
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we talk about the fact we do not directly elect the president. he or she is indirectly elected through the system, and we talk about how many votes each state very attentive, because this is not something they are familiar with. >> the lesson plan is also teachable videos. more information. whether it is still relevant. what kind of discussion would you have in the classroom? this system, and there are usually kids who think it should be changed. every year there has been talk about whether the vote winner will win in the electoral college and what that will do to the system.
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it would call it into question, and that has not happened since at as long as it still seems to work in the sense of the popular vote, there is a huge outcry certainly people on both sides of the issue, and things have changed since the founders created this, and they were president, so this is an indirect system they set up, and there is certainly an argument as to whether it still fits today. >> you are in an arbor, mich. in the state capital. why do we have this system? why did the founding fathers president not through congress but through this electoral>> i think they were not sure the average americans would really know who the candidates were, and there are certain people the
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electors would be national politics. they thought there would be somebody like george washington all the time, and he was a consensus candidate, and he was elected president of everything, president of the united states, and they were not sure americans would have the informationas they point out to their kids election day they would actually vote for the slate of electors, not necessarily the candidates, so they would vote for people they knew, like doris day new as opposed to the presidential>> we go to the c-span website. there is a lesson plan available. >> they are wonderful. they fit perfectly into my ap
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curriculum. recently they have started doing bell ringer clips, so they are really brief clips you can show to spark conversation t concept epept ep government, and we senior fellows have also come up with a web site called classroom deliberations in which we have clips and newspaper articles about controversial issues and provide both sides unfiltered information, and it shows all points of view, so it allows the students to learn what they can and become minds. >> in using these videos, a dozen reinforce the discussion plans you bring into the classroom?
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we are talking about something that happened well over 200 years ago, and we have seen the with these videos. happening? >> in 2008 it was arizona and in the state capital, and i use pennsylvania as an example. i look forward to using 2012. how it worked until i was able to use these videos. in state capitals throughout the country. it was interesting the clip through pennsylvania. about how they were excited to vote for barack obama, so it is fun to see it in action. >> you are welcome.
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>> today the senate banking committee examines private stock trading in the practice a dark pool trading. the volume or selling of large stocks and private exchanges. witnesses include the sea 00 of the year rednecks stock exchange. live coverage starting at 9:00 on c-span3. >> one of the things that did surprise me a little, i did not conduct a nationwide survey of gun owners but among people with guns that i talk to, very often
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the reaction your way of thinking before and after you have a gun is very different. i think in the law-abiding gun owner realizes when he has a gun that it is a huge responsibility. if you use the weapon irresponsibly or wrongly, you could get yourself into legal trouble in cause unnecessary misery and death even to people you did not intend to do harm to. it makes you very careful or should make you very careful. for most people it does. i think it would pay -- make people more careful if they had to pass the test before they get a license to buy a gun. >> former new york times editor, critic whitney, on the history of gun ownership and gun-control
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in america. -- craig whitney. of non- four days fiction offers raker christmas day on c-span2. next, members of congress react to friday's shooting in new town, connecticut. 27 people died, including 20 children aged 6 and 7. first, we start with the morning prayers from the u.s. house and senate.
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the senate will come to order. >> let us pray. o mighty and everlasting god in whom we live and move and have our being, as we grieve the loss of life in the new town, conn., shooting, show us your way and it teach us your pasth. make as all responsible stewards of your most precious gift of time by teaching us to #hour
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days that we may have hearts of wisdom. made in concert -- incomprehensible destruction of live still framed by springtime remind us of the importance of not delaying in seizing our opportunities to do good. make our lawmakers willing to act promptly. remembering that time is leading and they shall not pass this way again. bless those who mourn the eternal god with the comfort of your love, that they may face each new day with hope and with the certainty that nothing can
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destroy the good that has been given them. they their memories become less painful as you encircle their lives with your love. we pray in your merciful name. common. -- amen. >> mr. president, this afternoon the family of newton, conn., are burying to six-year- old boys. noah turned 6 last month. even though he was only six, jack was the new york giants fan. in the days to come many of the classmates will also be laid to rest, of victims of this tragedy too terrible to
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comprehend. 20 little girls and boys. 20 tiny daughters and sons, sisters, brothers, friends, and playmates. 20 children that will never grow up to learn to drive, go on a first date or graduate from high school. 26 -- i am sorry, 26 and seven year-old that will never have a chance to all the love or get married or have children of their own. noah, jack, josephine, madeline, chase, jesey, grace, caroline, benjamin, allison, and james -- no words of condolence could possibly ease the pain of families who lost cherished children. i hope and small comfort that the entire nation mourns with them.
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my heart and warm wishes go all those affected by friday's massacre. my thoughts are with the students and faculty who witnessed such an unspeakable violence. we have also seen incredible bravery. and our final act, victoria soto hid her children and closets and cabinets and sacrificed herself to save them. awn hoffspring attack the assailant and he killed her. very sherlock, anne marie murphy all said that trying to safeguard the children in the care. the six educators devoted their lives to teaching children how
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to add, reid, subtract and be good boys and girls. they get their lives to keep these children safe. they are a source of hope and a hopeless situation. i commend the teachers who did not held the tape -- did not hesitate when they saw danger coming. sums -- some barricaded their students inside classrooms or closets. i thank the first responders to rushed into the school knowing they had a job to do. it is hard to comprehend this type of tragedy, let alone recover from it. in the words of helen keller, " although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming suffering." the families mourned, all of america mourned with them. we will stand with them as they overcome the suffering and begin
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the healing process. hitting process will require congress to examine what can be done to prevent or tragedies like the one in connecticut, colorado, of crete, wisconsin, and portland, ore. -- the surface fairly recently. as per the obama said last night, no one block any race evil. no policy can prevent it determined that madman from preventing an act of violence, but we need to except the reality we're not doing enough to protect citizens. in the coming days and weeks we will engage in a meaningful conversation and thoughtful debate about how to change walls and culture on how the violence continues to grow. we of no greater responsibility than keeping our most precious resource, our children, say. every idea should be on the table as we discuss how to do just that. >> i want to start by extending my deepest sympathies to the
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families of the victims of friday's massacre. and to the whole community. into think the first responders and all those helping in the aftermath of the starkest of tragedies. three days after the horrors of new town, we are also reeling from what happened. anytime there is a shooting like this, we are crushed with sorrow. there is no escaping the fact that the massacre at sandy hook elementary stands out or -- for its awfulness. the murder of so many little children and the adults who tried to save them does not just break our hearts, it shatters them. the last few days have been steering for all of us and the days ahead will be, too. over the weekend we begin to see the faces of the children, and
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to hear their stories. one parent stood up in front of the cameras on saturday and shared with the nation on an impromptu eulogy of his six- year-old daughter, emily. it was a remarkable moment. emily was bright and creative. and very loving, he said. we marveled at his courage. and now the funerals, 10 of them this week. in one church alone. it has been said many times that no words are adequate to live the agony of a parent like robbie parker. what happened on friday is something no parent of a young child could ever prepare for. but i think president obama spoke for all of us in the very
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moving meditation he offered last night on the singularity of of parental love. there is literally nothing we would not do for our kids. that is one of the things that makes this massacre so terrible. it makes the stories of courage we have heard so inspiring. the young teacher who stood between the gunmen and her students and lost her life in the process. the principal and the school psychologist who sprang into action and gave their lives, too. as the president said, these luminous ax ourself -- are self- sacrificing love are the moments that will define the tragedy in the years ahead. because there was some and to see in the midst of tragedies
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like this become the starting point of something better. and more lasting than the vagaries of this life. they give us the hope we need in the face of so much evil and sorrow. so we stand with the people of newtown, conn., today and in the days ahead. we can do nothing to lessen their anguish, but we can let them know we mourn with them, that we share a tiny part of the burden in our own hearts, and that we will lift the victims and families and the entire community in prayer. scripture says that while now we only know in part, in the life to come we shall know even as we are known.
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scripture also says in the day every tier will be wiped away, because there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain or the former things -- for the former things will have passed away. made the people of newtown be consoled by this certain hope. they their burdens be likened by the loving care of their neighbors and friends, and even strangers in the days and weeks ahead. they this terrible tragedy, all of us to cherish the lives we have been given. our family members and friends and all who surround us in our daily tasks. this is no lasting city we know.
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may we passed through it with a little more credit to end with a firmer determination to live the kind of lives we have been called to live. >> i now ask the united states senate observed a moment of silence for the victims of the sandy hook elementary school tragedy.
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>> i thank the deadly before the words. so please do have on the floor democratic leader and the yield to her the customary one minute. >> think you -- thank you, mr. speaker. i think the gentleman for yielding and rise in support of the resolution, very important resolution to condemn the act of a lone gunman in newtown, conn., and to offer condolences to the families and members of the community. i join him in the words of this resolution in saluting the coverage of the teachers and administrators who gave their lives to save the children and
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their care. the first responders your ride on the scene to and the succession of killings that were happening. those first responders, they leave their homes every day knowing they're going to face danger, and they did that day as well. in the face of it, they were heroic, as were the teachers and counselors and principle of this school. this has all been made very clear to us by our colleagues. of course congress meant murphy, senator elect murphy, who represents the district with such distinction in compassion. congressman courtney,,
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congressman jim hines, all of them spoke with such beauty at our service earlier, the candlelight service. it was so moving to hear the connection to the people there. the words were universal. the president said, he said last night, this could have been happening any place. we cannot tolerate this any more, he said. these tragedies must end. to end them, we must change. to change, our nation is already beginning to reassess the options before us. leaders from both parties have stepped forward to put forth a series of steps on the table from restoring the ban on assault weapons to assault magazines to strengthening the system of the background checks. and again, we must address the challenges of mental health and
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keep weapons out of the hands of those intent on doing damage to themselves and others. the voices of reason cannot be silent. through administrative and legislative action we must limit the preparation -- proliferation of weapons and ammunition that have no with a per person than to kill citizens. our colleagues have talked about this before me and others in the course of the evening about legislation we could pass immediately, the american people expect us to do, and that is to ban assault magazines. assault magazines. of course we want to ban assault weapons, but a self magazines. why is it someone needs the magazine with 20 shots in it? two of those and 40 lives are at risk? i of the not even asking that rhetorically. i am asking it of those that are
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advocating we should not make this change. we have crossed a threshold when children in kindergarten and school are not safe. when people who go to the theater an aura -- in aura have someone come in and just kill people. just to use those words is very hard. i do not know what words could ever use to comfort the families of newtown, conn.. as a mother and grandmother, i find it, you said unfashionable, unspeakable, unthinkable. impossible to imagine how they go forward. hopefully god will give them the strength and courage to do so. it reminded me when i was in congress i have the invitation of president carter to visit italy with the delegation.
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we went there to deliver assistance from the united states government after an earthquake in southern italy. in one of the villages we visited there was a rehearsal for first communion going on in the church. just about every seven-year-old in the village was there practicing. when the earthquake hit, the roof came down and every seven- year-old in the village was gone. it was impossible to console people there. not only have they individually lost their child, which is unthinkable, but the whole town had passed -- have lost that class. their babies. that really transformed my thinking about how fragile life is.
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this was a natural disaster. what happened in the town -- newtown was a personal decision whose judgment was impaired. how could he do this? because he had his own problems. how could he do this? because he had the guns. he had the assault magazines to do it. that is how he could do it. let's at least try to mitigate for the circumstances we may not be able to control entirely, the mental condition of someone, but at least limit the capacity to kill that that person has. just hearing the reaction to the sympathy to the family, to see the president read the names and here the sobbing, this has something that has scarred our country. we can do something about it to prevent it from happening again
6:49 am
to this extent, maybe we cannot prevent the fall from happening, but if we're going to take care of the people, we have to take care of them in many ways. address the issue of violence and mental health, the issue of where mental health and access to assault magazines comes together. some people are calling them high capacity. they are assault magazines. they make every weapon and assault weapon that they are compatible with, pistol, a rifle or whenever it is. yes, we want to ban assault weapons, but these assault magazines make every weapon and assault weapon. it does not take a whole lot to figure out what we need to do it immediately and may be due for later. would that be a comfort to the
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families to know although they lost their baby, they're a little angels, precious darling's gone to heaven, that something would come of it that would prevent this from happening to others? i always wondered in the bible when christ says, sector little children and come unto me. -- suffer little children, and come unto me. christ was calling children to him. he used the word sufferer. these children get the lights -- these children's and family lives are suffering. these were children who had just heard about this are suffering, too. suffering about what it feels
6:51 am
like to go to school and not be sure you are safe. staying up at night, being sleepless in terms of being scared of what could happen. that is not the suffering of our children, whether it is taking their lives, scaring them from going to school or keeping them up at night, giving them nightmare's over their safety. these little children did suffer, and they did go on to have been, a better place. it is the timing we have the problem with. far too many, far too soon for reasons we can do something about. so i commend my colleagues or how they came together, led by the community coming together. the community of newtown, conn.. so strong, so courageous, so
6:52 am
sad. let's show them that not only do we offer words, we offer a action, and that would take the form of passing this legislation to ban assault magazines, to do so in a timely fashion so that in a non-timely fashion we will not lose any more lives. i want to commend the president for his beautiful words to the nation, mostly to the families and to the community, but the source of strength and inspiration he was. challenged us to act he said. when we just say it again. we cannot tolerate this any more, he said. these tragedies must end, and to end them, we must change. thank you, mr. murphy, for your leadership. i yield back to the gentleman.
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>> thank-you. on friday morning i brought my four-year-old to school. i dropped him off at 8:45, just like millions of other parents did across the country. a few hours later i saw him again. yet a big smile on his face. in newtown, conn., friday 20 parents drop their first graders off at sandy hook elementary and kiss them goodbye as they got on the school bus. that was the last time they saw their children. something horrible, something the unexplainable happens at sandy hook elementary happened last week. when people ask me how our folks doing, i tell them right now there is a lot of blank looks. people are just trying to process what happened. 20 cleaning beautiful children
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were gunned down, along with six adults who loved them dearly by a young man with the sickness that masqueraded as the evil that day. so we are left asking all of these questions. why us? why these little kids? why did he do it? why were we not able to prevent this from happening? the wise are almost infinite. in the coming days and weeks, i guess we will get some answers to these questions, but most of them will not have answers. but would you peek through -- when you peek through, there is one answer we know for certain, if we ever wondered was, f community new towtown those questions have been answered. they were answered by the principal who told her
6:55 am
colleagues to run when way so that she could run the other way, directly toward the gunman. they were answered by victoria soto who hit her kids in the closet and died at shielding her students from the assassin. they have been answered by the thousands of individual acts of humanity that have overflowed when the people of -- from the people of new town in the days after the shooting. community pouring out love tried to help console this in calculable great. i went to the first of too many funerals this morning. the first thing we know is this. all of those wonderful faces that we see on tv and did the newspaper like noah pozner, they are a reminder that despite the
6:56 am
terrible thing that happened and and said the hearts of us is this good this. that is all he had, goodness, and purity of spirit. they will survive this because they are), and they hurt more because they're close but can survive because they're close. they will get this inspiration from these 20 little children who are asking this town to remember how good they were. as they wrestle with this grief and recovery, the thoughts and prayers from others matter. i want to thank everyone here for all of the individual love you of shower down upon our little town. i want to thank the connecticut delegation here with me today for all of their support. it helps in some small way to know the world is grieving with us.
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mr. speaker, i would ask that the house now rise. al kulka -- , iuld would ask that we all rise to observe a moment of silence. accordings, >> today the senate banking committee examine its private computer stock trading in effect is a dark pool trading. the buying and selling a large quantity of stocks and private exchanges. witnesses include the coo of your rednecks stock exchange and an uzbek. live coverage at 9:30 am
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eastern on c-span3. >> i did not conduct a nationwide survey of gun owners, a little longer camera -- people with guns that i talked to, i found very often the reaction, your way of thinking before and after you have a gun is very different. i think any law-abiding gun owner realizes that when he has again that it is a huge responsibility. if you use the weapon irresponsibly you could get yourself into legal trouble. you cause unnecessary misery and death even to people you did not intend to do harm to. it makes you very careful. for most people it does, but i think it would make people more careful if they all had to pass some kind of tests before they get a license to buy a gun.
6:59 am
>> you have to do that before you can drive a car. >> you do. and you do not to have a gun in most places. >> craig whitney, a liberals case for the second amendment. saturday night at 10:00 eastern. part of four days of non-fiction books and authors write through christmas day on c-span2. coming up today on c-span, washington journal is live with the latest news from capitol hill. then live at 10:00 eastern, the u.s. house reconvened for morning our speeches. at noon the house begins legislative business. in 45 minutes on washington journal, john fund of the national review talks about gun control in the wake of the shooting in newtown, conn.. allison sh

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